STEPUP’s motto is "One step ahead". The numerous ideas and projects of the STEPUP Brands, Inc. ‎scientific laboratory allow the company to specialise not only in bringing to market high-quality ‎automotive chemicals and automotive cosmetics, but also to be involved in packaging design, developing ‎new formulas and product lines, and adapting products to new markets. In this way, the brands LUCKY BEE ‎and WORLD RIDER appeared and gained popularity in the Russian market.‎


STEP UP American automotive chemicals and automotive cosmetics have long been well known to millions ‎of motorists due to their excellent quality and effectiveness. They assist in solving many problems without ‎the need to call a service station, and guarantee a professional result for a reasonable price. The key ‎company principle of STEP UP ("One step ahead") is that each product should functionally ‎surpass comparable products by at least one step, while at the same time remain as simple to use as ‎possible and be available at an acceptable price.‎


In 2012, the first batch of LUCKY BEE products was put on sale. The LUCKY BEE line of household chemicals ‎was designed for active Russian housewives who value comfort and cleanliness in the home, as well as ‎spending time with family. Products with effective formulas guarantee fast results and easy use in every ‎cleaning area, from the kitchen to the automobile passenger compartment. Its striking design and ‎affordable price effectively distinguish the product among competitors.‎


WORLD RIDER products are intended for active people who love spending time in nature. The brand was ‎designed for the Russian market. WORLD RIDER makes recreation in nature as comfortable as possible. ‎The WORLD RIDER brand's indispensable accessories are always on-hand and allow one to forget about ‎everyday concerns. It is important to note that all WORLD RIDER products are manufactured taking into ‎account safety requirements regarding environmental protection, flammability and household chemicals.‎

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